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When it comes to molding technologies, Upstate Simulations has it all. Our production, process and quality control is tailored to each specific industry. We serve a variety of customers in the automotive, office furniture, medical and consumer goods industries.

New/existing product sampling

  • Rigorous mold trial
  • Viscosity study
  • Gate seal study
  • Mold temperature study

Short/extended production runs

  • Production runs ranging from pilot to full production quantities
  • Process based quality systems
  • Process monitoring
  • Tonnage range from 40 – 120 tons

Plastic flow simulation

  • Fill analysis

  • Gate location optimization

  • Pressure/warp analysis

  • Thermal analysis

Overflow / Takeover

  • Work with you to evaluate the mold, and parts needed
  • Prepare and review an accurate transfer timeline
  • Sample, submit, and launch seamlessly your product with no production delays (Easy as 1,2,3!)

Temp Production

  • Alleviate capacity constraints
  • Allows for no production interruptions for your customer, as capital equipment is installed, at your facility, or tool sourcing is undecided
  • Work with you to transfer tool to a home base, ensuring a seamless launch
  • We will exceed your requirements, and continue satisfying all your needs

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