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Upstate Simulations offers a variety of services and support to help engineers, designers, and businesses with their mold flows. We provide computer supported solutions to help solve any problems that may arise in the design of your product. Our services prevent these issues from spilling over into the production environment.

We are not just software people,

We are die, mold, and machine designers.

We catch your problems before they catch you


Fill Analysis

  • Identify Air traps
  • Identify Optimal gate location
  • Identify pressure losses during fill
  • Identify weld locations and determine strength
  • Ensure consistent fill pressure
  • Flow & Fibre orientation

Warp Analysis

  • View predicted product warp
  • Visualize and measure final molded shape
  • Linear shrinkage and ensuring feature ovalization stays within any set tolerance
  • Identify any sinking or voids caused during product holding time

Thermal Analysis

  • Analysis of the effect of the thermal conditioning system of an injection mold tool
  • Identify issues related to cooling
  • Define the best layout to achieve the shortest possible cycle times
  • Analyze temperature distribution through the insert blocks and define the ejection time


Shortens development cycle

Initial design concept can be evaluated for issues

Unlimited iterations

Design for manufacturing evaluation improved

Tool build – less rectification cycles

Sample phase – Save time, initial process sheet supplied

Production launch – Smooth, and on time

Why choose us?


We ensure the design of your new product is manufacturable while providing a solution to avoid issues that may occur within series production.


Most importantly we strive to save money for our customers by avoiding costly mold corrections and providing you with more time, the most valuable asset.


We pride ourselves in our ability to determine if the problem is mold design based or whether it warrants a process correction.

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